Water Dispenser E-87

We are recognized as the most reliable and trustworthy Manufacturer of portable Water dispenser with refrigerator. Our Cold Water Dispenser With Refrigerator is easy to install and well fabricated water cooler is available with two different dispensers for both hot and cold water. Additionally, a small refrigerator is provided underneath the Cold Water Dispenser With Refrigerator with a complete storage system for food items. Highly affordable dispenser with a refrigerator is the best substitute for those who cannot afford an expensive refrigerating system. Qualitative components are employed with stainless steel chiller and a heating tank, exhibiting some of the best features in the industry. Soft touch faucets makes easy flow of water at the slightest touch, provided with full automatic temperature control technique. Moreover, these portable Water dispenser with refrigerator come with extended capacity for storage and a complete water drainage system. The use of best raw materials results into a fiber body, which thus makes it rust or corrosion free.


  • Easy Water Drainage System
  • Extended Storage Capacity
  • Fully Automatic Techniques
  • Refrigerator Underneath
  • Rust Or Corrosion Free
  • Soft Touch Faucets
Models EURO-87
Tank Capacity 3.2 Liters
Watts 85 Watts
Cooling Capacity 2.5 Liters/Hr 10'C
Refrigerator Volume 14 Liters
Heating System
Tank Capacity 1.5 Liters
Watts 500 Watts
Heating Capacity 5.5 Liters/ Hr 90.C
Weight(approx) 21 Kg
Dimension(WxLxH) 330x330x990 mm
Power Supply 220/50Hz/Iph
Refrigerant RI34a
Taps Push Type
Finish Metallic